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Annuity Marketing and Sales Tips, Tools and Training... Will Nason, Jeremy Nason and Lew Nason

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‘10 Deadly Mistakes’ That Are Keeping You From Collecting‘ One Million Dollars’ Of Annuity Premiums Every Month! How to market and sell Fixed Annuities, Indexed Annuities, Variable Annuities and Immediate Annuities

Annuity Marketing and Sales Tips, Tools, Training and Systems

Financial Advisor Training - Trusted Advisor Success Training

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Welcome To The Annuity Pro Shop

Discover... What Every Financial Advisor
Ought To Know About Selling Annuities!

We Are Dedicated Annuity Marketing & Sales Trainers... NOT Recruiters!

Annuity Pro Shop (APS) is the first full service, independent annuity marketing and sales training organization strictly dedicated to working with individual financial professionals. We specialize in Annuity Sales Tips, Tools, Training and Systems for 'experienced' insurance agents and financial advisors, who are ready to take their annuity sales and income to new heights. Our goal is to help you become the most recognized, trusted, respected and sought after financial advisor in your local community. So you become the "Trusted Advisor People Want To See", instead of being seen as just an annuity salesperson, like everyone else.

Simply put, what would it mean to you, if you could learn and apply the proven strategies the Top Annuity Producers use, and you could:

  • Create a constant steam of your IDEAL, high quality annuity prospects contacting you?

  • Set an appointment with almost everyone of those IDEAL annuity prospects contacting you?

  • Discover your prospects’ innermost desires... and use that knowledge to craft an irresistible offer?

  • 'Find The Money' to fund all of your recommendations?

Now, when do you want it to happen... Next Year, Next Month or Today?

APS is known throughout the financial services industry for our affordable, transferable, result-producing procedures and training programs. Our long-time association with many of the legendary producers in this industry, along with the members of our expert advisory board has allowed us to continually refine our time-tested annuity marketing and sales fundamentals.

Since 2000, our family has trained and coached more than 10,000 insurance agents and financial advisors worldwide. Our client base extends from the US to Canada, England, Ireland, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Nigeria and more.

We have enjoyed working with thousands of financial professionals on how to achieve long-lasting success. This is accomplished by helping them to learn and master many of the time-tested annuity marketing, prospecting and sales fundamentals that are NOT being taught today.

In fact, we've helped over a thousand insurance agents and financial advisors each year to double and triple their incomes. The top producers we worked with last year, earned over $1,000,000 and many others who were earning $40,000-$60,000 per year, now earn $150,000-$350,000 per year, even in this economy!

Plus, they are working 40 hours or less per week. Having more fun, and spending a lot more time with their family and friends, because they are consistently attracting and meeting with their IDEAL annuity prospects.

If that sounds like something you want, then we encourage you to take full advantage of all the Free Articles on our site. And, sign-up for our Free weekly 'You Can Make The Difference' newsletter. Then Contact Us and let us know what questions you have, and how we can help you. 877-297-4608

We look forward to helping you to earn the significant six-figure income you have been dreaming about... and deserve!

Our Credentials   Advisor Testimonials   Industry Leader Endorsements

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."
Benjamin Franklin

Mehdi Fakharzadeh, RFC - "MDRT Life Member"Endorsement From A Respected Industry Leader

“Working with IPS, there is no reason on earth why you can not become a sales super-star who ranks equally among MDRT all-time sales leaders like Ben Feldman, Norman G. Levine, Lew Nason, Tom Wolff, John Savage, Guy Baker, Walton Rogers, and other top producers.”
Mehdi Fakharzadeh,
RFC - "MDRT Life Member"
World’s most successful living and active insurance sales agent according to the MDRT.

Download This Free Report To Discover 10 Deadly Mistakes
That Are Keeping You From
Succeeding In Annuity Sales.

Fast Track Advisors' Guide To: 
'10 Deadly Annuity Marketing Mistakes!'
By Lew Nason, RFC, FMM, LUTCF, CFLA and Jeremy Nason, RFC, FMM, CFLA

‘10 Deadly Mistakes’ That Are Keeping You From Collecting‘ One Million Dollars’ Of Annuity Premiums Every Month! How to market and sell Fixed Annuities, Indexed Annuities, Variable Annuities and Immediate AnnuitiesYou'll Learn...

  • That a Profitable Annuity Business is NOT Built On Just Attracting New Customers!

  • How to Target Your Most Profitable Annuity Market!

  • Why You Must Have A Unique Selling Proposition!

  • How To Create A Constant Stream Of Referred Leads!

  • And 6 More Critical Steps to Collecting ‘One Million Dollars’ of Annuity Premiums Each Month!

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You Can Cancel At Any Time. Read our 
Privacy Policy

Don't Invest One Cent Of Your Hard Earned Money On Any
Annuity Sales or Lead Programs... Until You Read This!

There are a few very good annuity sales ideas and sales programs out there, like LEAP, Circle of Wealth, Social Security Income Planning, Roth Conversions, Annuity Laddering and others to help present and sell your hot, new annuity products, once you are in front of the right prospect. However, besides their incredibly high upfront cost (3,000-$5,000), and ongoing annual fees, the problem is they are missing one or all three of the following critical pieces, that you need, if you want to succeed Today... and Long-term!

  • They don't provide you with the superior annuity lead generation tools and techniques, with the essential tips and training you need to set yourself apart from all the other agents, to consistently attract and set appointments with your IDEAL annuity prospects in as little as 30 days.

  • They don't provide you with the advanced annuity sales skills training... questioning and fact-finding techniques you need to get your prospects emotionally involved, so they see you as a trusted financial advisor and WANT to set better priorities and take immediate action on your recommendations. It is about you learning how to discover your prospects’ innermost desires, and then using that knowledge to craft an offer that is irresistible to them? So, you consistently close more and larger annuity sales!

  • They don't help you to 'Find The Money' to fund your recommendations for long-term care and life insurance.

Using our Annuity Sales ExcellenceTool Kit, with our 3 months of one-on-one coaching we'll show you how to quickly fill in the critical pieces that are missing in each of those annuity sales programs.

Think about it... If this business were really about having the best annuity products and sales ideas, like people are telling you, then why are 90% of the new advisors failing and why is the average income for advisors only $40,000-60,000?

If you want to take control of your annuity sales business and guarantee your success... no matter what this economy does, then it is about you learning how to make a real difference in people's lives, instead of just making a quick sale, like everyone else!

"Opportunity is missed by most people because
it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."

Thomas A. Edison

Here are just a few success stories from some very successful financial advisors who have stopped listening to the typical annuity marketing and sales rhetoric and took the time to learn and use the three (3) critical missing pieces to selling annuities! They have become the 'Trusted' Financial Advisor people want to see!

Will You 'Unlock Your True Potential' Like These Advisors?

Special Message from Nick Royer, RFC - Click here

Nick Royer, RFCNick is one of the new, bright and shining stars in the financial services industry. Over the past decade, Nick has earned the ongoing business of hundreds of personal clients in good times and especially in bad times. He has spoken nationally, sharing these simple keys to create a predictable ongoing income without the nauseating roller coaster ride typical of commission sales. Nick and Jerry Royer have been featured in numerous magazine articles (including the Front Cover of the IARFC Register), appeared on NBC and ABC news, and been endorsed by such people as Brian Tracy and Jack LaLanne.

Nick and Jerry Royer, RFC - Group 10 Financial, LLC.

"We have put together back to back 30k months" (commissions)

Beau Henderson, FMM, RFC "Lew, we have put together our 2 most successful months in a row! I took your advice and focused solely on the things that would bring revenue into my business and cut all of the things that were distracting me from that core focus. For me, that effort is primarily speaking to groups of people. We have put together back to back 30k months (commissions) and are speaking to 2-4 audiences per month. The beautiful thing is the more people we help, the more referrals and momentum we build. I’m on track to finish the year two months ahead of my personal goals."
Beau Henderson
, RFC - Rich Life Advisers - GA,  (9 years in business)

"If you aren’t learning from Lew, you aren’t learning from the best!"

Dennis Postema"I have been working with the Insurance Pro Shop since 2006 and have used each and every one of their products since then. (For my agents and myself) If you want a chance to increase your income and become the successful agent that you want to be, then you have to be learning from the best. I truly believe Lew Nason and his team Will Nason and Jeremy Nason have the tools and resources to help mold successful agents. If you aren’t learning from Lew, you aren’t learning from the best!"
Dennis Postema
, RFC - Postema Marketing Group, LLC - OH, (10 years in business)

"You guys at Insurance Pro Shop tell the truth and tell both sides of the story." 

Joe Casey, FMM, RFC - TN"Being is this business for 2 1/2 years now, I know one thing is true.  There is allot - allot of BS out there! The quest to find the right info has been hard and difficult. Being new in the insurance business I have been on this journey to find the right fit for insurance companies, products, lines of insurance, selling, marketing, and a system to follow.  Not really knowing what's good, bad and ugly in this business - I have been sided lined, ran over, ripped off, had success, feast or famine, tried this and that, wined and dinned by the best, etc,.  One thing I have found out on this journey. You guys at Insurance Pro Shop tell the truth and tell both sides of the story. I just wish I would have realized that sooner.  Thank You."
Joe Casey
, RFC - Casey Wealth Consultants - TN

Brian Tracy, Renowned Speaker, Sales Trainer and AuthorEndorsement From A Respected Industry Leader

"I began by selling financial services and I can assure you that Lew
is one of our greatest authorities on improving financial sales!"

Brian Tracy,
Renowned Speaker, Sales Trainer and Author
Tracy began his career in the financial industry where he built a very large sales
organization. He is one of America's "most booked" speakers & sales trainers.

Discover... The Leading, Most Affordable & Complete Annuity Marketing, Lead and Sales Success System

Annuity Sales Excellence
Annuity Lead Generation, Seminar and Sales Success Tool Kit
With 3 Months Of Personal, One-on-One 'Live' Coaching and Support!

Annuity Sales Excellence™  How to market and sell Fixed Annuities, Indexed Annuities, Variable Annuities and Immediate AnnuitiesUnlike the other annuity sales systems, this is more than just a sales system, it’s a complete 'Turnkey' marketing, lead generation and appointment setting system for fixed, indexed, variable and immediate annuities. The Annuity Sales Excellence system contains everything you need... including 3 Months Of One-on-One 'Live' Coaching and Support!

Where Would You Be In 60 to 90 Days From Today... If you had a team of award winning trainers, coaches and mentors, with over 30 years of experience, who are dedicated to helping you to determine the best annuity marketing and lead strategies for you... based on your strengths, knowledge, experience and budget? A team you can rely on to be there whenever you have question, need help or support? So, you are never forced to go it alone again?

We've kept it affordable for everyone. Plus, you DO NOT need to contract with us, buy anything else from us, or pay an annual fee to continue to use this system!

Click Here For The Complete Details

90-Day ‘100%’ Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Revealed... What the Top Annuity Producers know  
that 98% of the other annuity salespeople don’t!

Dear Fellow Financial Professional,

Are you curious about how the 'Top Annuity Producers' are still able to attract and set appointments with their 'Ideal Annuity Prospects', to collect 'One Million Dollars' of Annuity Premiums Every Month... in the current economy, with all the negatives about annuities? (Fixed Annuities, Index Annuities, Variable Annuities and Immediate Annuities)

Then, let's start by facing up to a glaring reality. There are only a handful of salespeople in the annuity industry who are consistently making most of the annuity sales and making most of the money. What is it that they know, that 98% of the other annuity salespeople don’t know?

They know that the 'Hot, New' annuity products and sales ideas that are being hyped, along with the 'Old Fashioned' typical annuity marketing, prospecting and sales techniques that have been taught during the past 40 years or more by our companies, recruiters and even the so-called industry gurus have resulted in a deplorable 90% failure rate for new agents, and a very disappointing income of only $40,000 - $60,000 (after expenses) for most experienced agents. 

They also know that, if you want to be successful and stay successful marketing and selling your Fixed Annuities, Index Annuities, Variable Annuities and Immediate Annuities, then you must differentiate yourself from all your competitors! You must become the Trusted Financial Advisor That people want to see!

Boomers and Retirees won't call your toll-free number, access your website, mail in your reply card, talk to you on the phone, or set an appointment with you if they believe you’re just another annuity salesperson after their money. People must believe that you understand and can help them solve the financial problems they are facing now and in the future!

'People Don't Care How Much You Know,
Until They Know How Much You Care!'

When Are You Going To STOP Listening To All Of The Hype from the self-proclaimed annuity experts?

When are you going to take the time to learn what it really takes for you to significantly increase your annuity leads, appointments, sales and income short-term... to guarantee your long-term success? 

Here are just a few of the hundreds of proven annuity marketing and sales methods and critical strategies we've learned over the past 30 years working with the Top Producers, and will pass onto you...

  • Secrets for Attracting a Steady Stream of the 'Ideal Annuity Prospects' - Tested and proven "Pro Techniques" to start a river of new, high quality annuity prospects flowing to your front door! Plus, Referred Leads! (proven annuity prospecting letters, sales letters, seminar invitations, Ads, seminar and workshop presentations, booklets and free reports and so much more)

  • How to Get Annuity Prospects to Choose YOU Over the Competition - Turn ‘9 Out Of 10’ Of Your Current Annuity Leads or Annuity Seminar Attendees Into High Quality Sales Appointments! (Annuity appointment scripts, telephone scripts and sales scripts)

  • An easy, affordable way to ATTRACT your 'Ideal Annuity Prospects' to you... for 401k Rollovers, Roth IRA Conversions, Wealth Transfers and more?

  • How to Hold Readers' Attention Like Glue - The more they read, the more they'll want to meet with you. Super-easy annuity prospecting techniques that work!

  • How to Sequence Your Annuity Sales Message for Maximum Unconscious Impact - Yes, it makes a MAJOR difference WHEN you present each of your sales points. Learn why and how to do it correctly!

  • How to Put Million-Dollar Secrets of Giant Companies to Work for You - Use the techniques that the major players use to crush their competition!

  • How to Affect Your 'Ideal Annuity Prospects' on an Emotional Level - Amazing '5 Minute Annuity Presentations' to help them realize the value of your services and offers!

  • How to Ethically 'Install' Powerful Buying Suggestions to Boost Annuity Sales - How Power Questioning can help you to get your annuity prospects to practically sell themselves!

  • How To Explode Your Annuity Sales - How to discover your prospects’ innermost desires, and use that knowledge to craft an offer that is irresistible to them… You’ll Soon Be On Your Way To Closing '9 Out Of 10' Of Your Annuity Sales Appointments! (Fact-finding scripts, questions and sales presentations)

And, SO MUCH MORE... Download Our 28 Page ‘FREE’ Detailed Report NOW!

"A great attitude does much more than turn on the lights in our worlds;
it seems to magically connect us to all sorts of serendipitous opportunities
that were somehow absent before the change.
Earl Nightingale

More Real Success Stories From 'Experienced' Advisors

Here's what these very successful financial advisors had to say about our exceptionally effective and affordable annuity marketing and sales success strategies, after only a few weeks of using our system and training!


"$16,800 in (annuity) commissions in 2 weeks!"

"Lew’s coaching and system (Annuity Sales Excellence™) has helped my practice immensely! Learning from Lew on how to ask questions the right way, helped me close $16,800 in (annuity) commissions in 2 weeks! Thanks Lew!"
Ron Fara,
RFC, RIA - IL, (19 years in this business)

" (appointment) results exploded to 90% for the next
and 75% for the 3rd seminar!"

David Hodgkins - NH"Over the last two weeks I have been holding seminars. Appointment results from the first in my series were lower than normal in the past at just 25% (I normally will get 40% to 60%). After speaking with you and implementing some of your tips, my results exploded to 90% for the next and 75% for the 3rd seminar! I am amazed that using the same presentation and only asking a few simple questions could transform my appointment request ratio so much. I can’t wait to get out and try these strategies on the appointments. Thanks for your help!" David Hodgkins - NH (Met-Life)

"...a month later I sold $370,000 in annuities."

"As I told you over the phone, I purchased the Annuity sales program for $xxx and a month later I sold $370,000 in annuities. The system helped me understand a lot more about annuities and how I could benefit my clients. Thanks a lot. I could not more highly recommend this to all who are thinking about investing in the program."
Pat Davis - AR

"I am having my best month ever with seminars, appointments, and closes."

Rick Wallace - ND "I am having my best month ever with seminars, appointments, and closes. I am sure that a lot of it has to do with the coaching sessions and becoming more aware of my own actions during the seminar presentation and the opening appointments. I have sold more life insurance in one month than I use to sell in one year and the annuity sales have been unbelievable. Not only a higher percentage of closes but much larger sales." Rick Wallace - ND

'Professor' Rodney D. Ballance, Jr. FIC, CCIA Endorsement From A Respected Industry Leader

"I only endorse people and companies I truly believe in. The Insurance Pro Shop, with Lew Nason and his sons Will and Jeremy are the ONLY insurance marketing and sales training organization we recommend."
Rodney Ballance Jr.
, FIC, CCIA - Speaker, Author
Founder of the International Financial Leadership

You'll Never Know How Much We Can and Will
Help You, Until You Give Us A Try!

Look, We Know There Is A Lot Of BS Out There!

If you are like most of the agents we talk to, over the years, you have been promised the world, and then been left out there to fend for yourself. You have been taken advantage of, lied to, cheated... and wasted a lot of your time and money on stuff that just doesn't work.

And, now it’s very hard for you to believe anyone, who says they are going to help you.

We understand! And, there is very little more that we can say or do to convince you that we are different.

All we can do, is to ask you to give us a chance to prove to you that we are for real.

You'll never know if we can really help you, unless you give us a chance to prove it.

There is a reason why we are the only insurance marketing and sales trainers that are endorsed by over 30 of the most trusted and recognized names in this industry, plus the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC), and the International Financial Leadership Association (IFLA).

And, there is a reason why many MDRT Members (The elite producers of the industry) and thousands of extremely successful insurance agents, financial advisors and financial planners from around the world are using and highly recommending our annuity marketing and 'Ideal Annuity Prospects' training... because, the bottom line is, it works!

And, we guaranteed it!

Our Credentials    FAQ    About Us    Advisor Testimonials    Industry Leader Endorsements

There is an old adage...

"Give a man a fish and you’ll feed his family for a day.
Teach a man how to fish and you’ll feed his family for a lifetime."

We’re going to teach you how to fish.

More Real Success Stories From 'Experienced' Advisors

"I am finishing my finest personal production year ever"

Tony Brazeal, RFC, RFP, (Member MDRT) - TX"I am finishing my finest personal production year ever, and that is directly attributable to the change in marketing efforts I have instituted since meeting Lew and Jeremy. After 25-years in this business I guess I have proven that you can teach new tricks to an "old dog."
Tony Brazeal
, RFC, RFP, FMM (MDRT Member) - TX (25 years in business)
President, Pathfinder Group, LLC a national brokerage agency

"Lew teaches basics not taught elsewhere"

Tim Porter, RFC - FL"Lew Nason and team are second to none. Lew teaches basics not taught elsewhere. Lew was the first person to share with me the true concepts behind financial services and how they serve my clients." Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
Tim Porter, RFC - FL
(20 years in business)

"over $40,000 of additional annuity commissions this month."

Stephan Lomsdalen - AZ"Hi Lew, I just wanted to let you know that the 'Survival In A Volatile Market' client booklets are still working great and they helped me to close over $40,000 of additional annuity commissions this month. I'm handing the booklets out at my seminars, to my clients and other prospects. When these people come in for an appointment, they bring in the booklet and have actually Hi-Lighted some of the information. Thanks," Stephan Lomsdalen - AZ

"I ended up closing 5 out of 7 appointments... for $350,000 for the week."

John Holmes - LA"I bought the Annuity Quick Start plan with the hope of getting a system that will keep me in front
of the money. The first day after reading some of Lew's ideas on presenting and closing sales, I
closed 3 out of 3 appointments!
I ended up closing 5 out of 7 appointments for $350,000 for the
(all were one call closes). I have to give Lew credit, I made some slight changes in my overall approach that produced immediate results. I now feel confident that Lew can help me when I begin
to set up my marketing game plan. Nobody will ever be any more skeptical than I was, when I ordered this program. The very first appointment after implementing these techniques, I paid for the plan almost 20 times
over just off of that first sale."
John Holmes - LA

"I did 1.1 million in Index Annuity business in June..."

"I have been applying some of the techniques you shared with me and have been doing really well. I did 1.1 million in Index Annuity business in June and have been promoted to branch leader with my company."
Gregg Hall

Endorsement From A Respected Industry Leader

Edward P. Morrow, CLU, ChFC, RFC, CEP - CEO of the IARFC recommends The Insurance Pro ShopLew Nason, RFC, LUTCF is a highly respected, proven and admired practice building coach. He has been particularly effective in guiding financial services advisors to increased effectiveness and higher sales.”
Edward P. Morrow
, CLU, ChFC, RFC, CEP - CEO of the
International Association of Registered Financial Consultants

You have the choice to be ultra successful, or just average. It's entirely up to you! You can sit back, do nothing and hope that things will change. Or, you can take action right now to make things change! What have you done in the last sixty days to increase your annuity sales?  Why not learn the annuity marketing, prospecting, appointment setting and sales success strategies that most of the leading agents, advisors and planners on the planet use?

Not sure we can help, or if our services are right for you... Don’t Wait...
Call us Toll Free to schedule a No Obligation, Free 15 Minute Consultation with Lew or Jeremy. We guarantee you'll be glad you did! 877-297-4608 (M-F, 9AM-5PM, EST) 

Yours in success,
Jeremy & Lew Nason
The 9 Out Of 10 Guys...

P.S. Don't wait to get started, take action now!  You'll get everything we've promised, and much, more! Go ahead and hold our feet to the fire to provide you with the annuity marketing, prospecting, fact-finding and sales ideas that really work - your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! 

Still Not Sure We Can Help You
Download This Free Report Now To Discover 10 Deadly Mistakes
That Are Keeping You From
Succeeding In Annuity Sales.

'Cutting-Edge' Annuity Marketing & Sales... Tips, Tools and Training

‘10 Deadly Mistakes’ That Are Keeping You From Collecting‘ One Million Dollars’ Of Annuity Premiums Every Month! How to market and sell Fixed Annuities, Indexed Annuities, Variable Annuities and Immediate AnnuitiesRevealed... The Top Ten Critical Annuity Prospecting Mistakes Most Advisors Make When Selling Annuities!

This 28 page free report explains the top ten critical annuity marketing mistakes most advisors make when selling annuities... and how you can easily fix these mistakes right now! You'll learn how you can consistently attract your ideal prospects by delivering special messages like how you are 'Helping Seniors To Have An Income They Can't Outlive!'

Click Here To Download This 'Eye-Opening' FREE Report!
We will
sell, trade, rent or give your email address away for any reason.

Judge Us By The Company We Keep!

Charles “Tremendous” Jones, International Speaker Endorsements From Respected Industry Leaders

“We all love Lew Nason. How could you not be impressed with the man
who earned fame for turning ‘nine-out-of-ten’ prospects into satisfied
clients! I wish I had met Lew when I was selling insurance.”

Charles “Tremendous” Jones,
International Speaker
and former "top five world-wide insurance sales producer

Rosemary and Lew Nason with Charles “Tremendous” Jones, International Speaker and Gloria Jones       Will Nason with Charles “Tremendous” Jones

Jeremy Nason with Charles “Tremendous” Jones

One of the most influential people in our
lives was Charlie 'Tremendous' Jones.
We Love You and Miss You...

“You are the same today as you will be in
 five years except for two things: the people
you meet and the books you read.”
Charlie ‘Tremendous’ Jones

Learn More About Us...  And Our Affordable, 'Cutting-Edge' Life Insurance and Annuity Sales Systems, Tools, Training and Support For Financial Advisors!

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How to market and sell Fixed Annuities, Indexed Annuities, Variable Annuities and Immediate AnnuitiesHow to market and sell Fixed Annuities, Indexed Annuities, Variable Annuities and Immediate AnnuitiesKeeping The American Dream Alive...
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"You Can Make The Difference"

Working Together, We Can Help You To Make A Positive Difference In People's Lives...
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